Welcome to the 2023

California Tribal Nations Summit

February 6, 2023



Co-hosted by the Governor’s Office and the California Tribal Chairpersons’ Association, the California Tribal Nations Conference convenes California tribal leaders and Newsom administration officials to discuss a range of issues of mutual importance, with an emphasis how we can work together to strengthen government-to-government relationships with tribes throughout the state.

The California Tribal Nations Conference provides a forum for State Cabinet officials to consult directly with California tribal officials to shape and update the policy priorities of the State of California regarding California Native Americans and tribal governments. The Conference does not displace regular and active consultation by the Administration.

To ensure high-level, leader-to-leader discussions, participation in the California Tribal Nations Conference is limited to duly elected officials of California tribal governments and executive officials of the Administration. Due to technological constraints and to encourage active dialogue among participants, each tribal government and state entity is limited to two participants, though others may staff principals at their request and as needed.

As a reminder, this event is invitation-only and the California Tribal Chairpersons Association has asked that the event be limited to elected officials of federally recognized tribes in California in order to discuss jurisdictional opportunities for collaboration. While we are happy to meet with other interested parties outside of the context of the Summit, we ask that you respect the nature of this meeting.

DATE: Monday, February 6, 2023 from 8:00AM – 5:30PM with a reception to follow

LOCATION: California Natural Resources Agency | 715 P Street,  Sacramento, CA 95814 (Tribal Elected Officials and Administration Leaders)

RECEPTION: Stanford Mansion | 800 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 (Non-Electeds and State Leaders Outside Administration may join this event on invitation)