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The Governor’s Office of Tribal Affairs is responsible for overseeing and implementing effective government-to-government consultation between the Newsom Administration and California tribes on policies that affect California tribal communities. Led by the Tribal Affairs Secretary, the Office serves as a direct link between California tribes and the Governor, advises the Governor and Executive Administration Officials, facilitates communication and consultation between tribes and state agencies, reviews and provides recommendations on state legislation and regulations affecting tribes and formulates and implements the Administration’s Native American policy priorities.


The mission of the Governor’s Office of Tribal Affairs is to elevate issues of mutual importance to tribal nations and the Governor’s Administration as informed by meaningful government-to-government consultation and collaboration.

In implementing the Governor’s policy priorities related to tribal nations, Native communities and Indigenous peoples, the Office continues to work with tribal nations to:

  • Improve government-to-government relations,
  • Advance justice and equity for California Native peoples,
  • Explore remedial actions to address past atrocities,
  • Expand tribal stewardship of ancestral lands and natural and cultural resources,
  • Promote visibility of the rich diversity and history of California Native cultures, and
  • Partner with tribal governments to bolster sound and sustainable economic development in California Indian Country.



Apology: On June 18, 2019, at a gathering of California tribal leaders, Governor Newsom apologized on behalf of the State for the genocide, displacement and historical mistreatment of California Native people. The Administration memorialized the apology through Executive Order N-15-19, which acknowledges the State’s role in the “violence, exploitation, dispossession and the attempted destruction of tribal communities.” 

Consultation: The Newsom Administration embraces meaningful consultation and collaboration with California tribal nations. Our Agencies and Departments continue to adopt, refine, reinforce and elevate policies and practices that embrace tribes’ unique status, issues and priorities. Through Executive Order N-15-19, the Governor reaffirms and incorporates by reference the principles of government-to-government engagement established by Executive Order B-10-11, encouraging every state agency and department to meaningfully communicate and consult with California tribes. 

Historical Justice: Acknowledging that the destructive impacts of the genocide of California Native peoples persist today, and that meaningful, reparative action from the State and Californians can begin to address these wrongs, the Governor established the California Truth and Healing Council. The Council is a California Native American-led initiative that aims to clarify the historical record of the relationship between the State and California Native Americans by bearing witness to, recording, examining existing documentation of and receiving California Native narratives in the spirit of truth and healing. In 2025, the Council will issue a report of findings and remedial recommendations to meaningfully address the historical trauma and ongoing issues caused by these early actions. 

Ancestral Lands: In recognition of the long-standing request of California Native peoples to resume their relationships with their ancestral lands and waters, the Governor has issued a Statement of Administration Policy on Native American Ancestral Lands to encourage State entities to seek opportunities to support California tribes’ co-management of and access to natural lands that are within a California tribe’s ancestral land and under the ownership or control of the State of California, and to work cooperatively with California tribes that are interested in acquiring natural lands in excess of State needs. 

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